Thursday, February 28, 2008


Why did Adelpha Callejo think that she could make derogatory comments about Senator Baraka Obama and that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton would go along with them? Did she think that no one was listening? Does she not know that you can be for your race without being negative about another race ?

My telephone started ringing about 10:15 pm last evening, and the conversations were about KTVT's interview with Adelpha Callejo. According to the Dallas Morning New her comments were "When the blacks had the numbers, they never did anything to support us. There is a lot of hurt feelings about that. And I don't think we're going to get over it anytime soon." She also said that black politicians had done little for Hispanics and that Barak Obama"simply has a problem that he happens to be black."

The people that I spoke with were angry that she would make such statements and some remembered that she has had a history of being divisive and some did not understand why she would use such a tactic because it would surely backfire on her candidate of choice for the Democratic Presidential nominee. Did she not check the record for the Clinton's who have a long standing history of working with African Americans?

I have many Hispanic acquaintances and friends, and I do not believe that Mrs. Callejo was speaking for all Hispanics. When I spoke with some this morning, they denounced her comments and clearly stated she was speaking for herself and not the entire Hispanic community.

The choice between an African American and a woman makes this a historic Democratic Primary and all should understand that in the final analysis which ever candidate is chosen, we will make history.

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Ray said...

I am a Hispanic woman and this lady does not speak for me! One of my best friends is Black. I don't consider her anything other than my friend. How dare this 84 year old woman link us all together!!