Tuesday, February 19, 2008


What is the rush to put the next bond program on the May 2008 ballot? There are still too many questions by the taxpaying citizens to be rushed into anything. DISD has not shown itself to be as responsible as the citizens would like with taxpayer money.

The last bond program had some flaws and they were overlooked. We taxpayers are tired of spending our money with little or no accountability from the school superintendent and staff. It seems like they only feel accountable to "Dallas Achieves" and "The Road to Brode". In my mind that is unexceptable.

When I had an opportunity to meet with DISD staff about the bond program, I was not happy with the fact that there are really no new designated schools for District 6. If the expectation is that our community should be for this bond package, then the question should be asked, how will it benefit our community?

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