Wednesday, August 29, 2007

War on Crime

Rev. Ronald Wright a member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference(S.C.L.C.) continues the fight against crime on the 44th anniversary of the historic "I Have Dream speech" by Rev. Martin Luther King. " We are here today to declare war on crime" says Rev. Wright.

Rev. Wright, not like some who came to the march to be photographed, has been working with community people like, Johnnie Simon, Rev. Charles Stovall, Peter Johnson, Debra Forge and Lee Alcorn to fight crime that is in the community for years. "This community belongs to the people, not the criminals," Rev. Wright said. As children of God, we must take a stand."

This is a national issue and there were 22 events that were organized jointly by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Rainbow/Push Coalition.

We must continue to raise the issue of gun control and violence in our community.

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