Thursday, August 30, 2007

Betty Culbreath

I have heard and read negative comments by Betty Culbreath about the way I lobbied to be returned to the DART board. First and foremost, I never spoke with her at anytime about my return to the DART board because I am well aware that she is a friend of Dwaine(Dewayne,Dwayne) Caraway who lead the charge to get me removed because I supported Dr. Maxine Thornton Reese who defeated him for the city council seat that he now holds.

Tennell Adkins,Jerry Allen and Willis Johnson worked behind the scenes with Dwaine (Dewayne,Dwayne) Caraway to make sure that I did not return to the DART board. Betty Culbreath has publicly said that she supports Lynn Flint Shaw being the chairman.

I know that Betty Culbreath has tried several times to be elected to office and I have not supported her at anytime. I would not ever support her. She is an individual who I believe attempts to get close to people in power, particularly mayors, and bash African Americans who do not agree with them. Remember all of her rants about why the black community should not have problems with Laura Miller?

I live in Council District 5 and I supported Vonciel Jones Hill over Betty Culbreath because Vonciel Jones Hill is a better representative of the people who live in District 5. Councilwoman Hill is a strong willed woman who is listening to all of the people in her District, and she will not be detracted by people who want to keep a conflict going.

Betty Culbreath take care of your health and stop being so negative. We do not have to worry about other races of people harming us, we do it to ourselves!!!!!!


Ms. BettyCulbreath said...

Ms. Foreman please read my blog again. I said nothing bad about you. What I said about you was " your Candidate loss and New Leadership has new loyalties. I did say you use Race in some cases that I think are unwarranted. I said Councilwoman Hill was vicious in her lobby effort , not you.

Ms. BettyCulbreath said...

Ms. Foreman please read my blog again. I said nothing ugly about you .I said Ms. Hill was vicious in her lobby for you. The only thing I said and please read it again was when leadership change people's loyalty change and you have played the race card in the past that I believed was unwarranted. My blog is: