Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Councilwoman Vonciel Jones Hill Shows Courage

Councilwoman Vonciel Jones Hill has shown her courage and independence on the Dallas City Council by renominating me to the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Board of Directors. While the vote was 8 to 7 with me loosing to Rev. Jerry Christian, I think that she and Councilwoman Carolyn Davis understood the attack that I was under by Dwaine/Dwayne/Dewayne Caraway ,Tennell Adkins, Jerry Allen and Mayor Tom Leppert.

They enlisted Betty Culbreath and Rufus Shaw to attack me for wanting to be renominated and for me actively seeking 8 votes to be returned to the Board as the Chairman. They made it clear that they were supporting Lynn Flint Shaw to be the Chairman. Lynn is Rufus Shaw's wife and we have served on the DART board for 4 years together. Lynn and I worked close on many issues, but it is clear that many of the community issues ended up on my desk. I believe that this happened because I grew up in Dallas and many of the community organizers know and respect the work that I have done in this community for over 3 decades.

Dwaine /Dwayne/Dewayne Caraway, Tennell Adkins, Jerry Allen and Mayor Tom Leppert have been on the council since June and made the decision that I should not return to the DART board because they supported Lynn Shaw. Not one time did they say that I was not doing what the City of Dallas had asked, but they said my style was wrong. How could they know? Being in office for two months will not give you a frame of reference.

Thank you to Pauline Medrano, Steve Salazar, Vonciel Jones Hill, Angela Hunt, Carolyn Davis,Linda Koop and Mitchell Rasansky.

Joyce Foreman


Ms. BettyCulbreath said...

Ms. Foreman I hate you are so hurt. First no one enlisted me to stop you from the DART Board. I heard it like everyone else did, grapevine. If you are going to write about me be sure and tell the truth. I have never ask you are many other people to support me. Ask your friends have I ever ask for their support, never.
I know I bring to much honesty and fairness to the table. I do not cry race at every turn. My Record of getting things done for Black people and the City speaks for itself. I have served under five Mayor's. Let me help you with a fact: I ran for school board to get us out of Court, are we out of Court? I ran for city Council to get three issues on the Agenda they are on, and it took HATE to beat me. They voted against Laura Miller not for Vonciel Hill. Honey , I do not want or need to be elected . I can count to 8 from the City Council chamber or from my house. So please give my name a rest. I did not care who was on the DART board, I do support Lynn Shaw for Chair if you had been reappointed I would support Lynn because, of just the way you are acting now. Please give Laura Miller a rest.You Black people in Dallas have spent 20 years hating a White woman , and have not built one 5 story building in the Southern Sector still begging white people to come.. That energy could have gone to fight crime and save this neighborhood. District 5 is in a mess I hope Councilwoman Hill will fix it. By the way mental health is as important as physical, my health is fine thanks to God and good doctors. I am doing great. Get some therapy to help you get over not being reappointed to the DART board it is not the Train to haven.

Joyce Foreman said...


I know that you participated in a negative way in my reappointment to the DART board and I do have my facts right. The problem is with people like you who want to throw a rock and hide your hand.

Just so you will know, Lynn Flint Shaw had told DART boards members that she would not have run for chairman if I had returned to the DART board, that was why it was so important for me not to return for some people. Counting to eight is easy for me, but when a promised vote is changed at the time of voting the outcome is different.

I do not need therapy for anything and I will be fine. That is an old ploy that will not work with me. For your information, Laura Miller was the first person to call me to say what a mistake the council made. She went on to say that I had done everything that the city ask and more. Just to set the record straight with you.

You appeared at one DART board meeting that I know of in the five years that I served, and for you to be so opinionated baffles me.

Since you have never worked with me on anything, please know that my strongest supporters on the DART board were Anglo men and I DO NOT use race for everything.

Lynn Flint Shaw and I were talking everyday before this happened and we worked well together on many issues.

I never got involved when you were having problems getting along with people on the Airport Board or the Planning Commission because of your style, that was your business and the people who had to work with you.

Show your honesty and fairness.

"They do not have to do it to us, we do it to eachother."