Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Saving Paul Quinn College

What is so sad to me is that some people do not understand that cities like Atlanta are successful because they embrace higher education. Atlanta has three (3) Historical Black Colleges (Clark Atlanta, Morehouse and Spellman). Dallas should be embracing all institutions of higher learning for the sake of making sure all of our children have educational options. People in this city always talk about an educated workforce, but we are still struggling with making sure that happens.

We spend millions of taxpayer dollars on colleges like the UT System and Texas A&M System each year to ensure that they are able to meet the needs of the students. I am not against us investing in our future with any of the institutions but I believe that Paul Quinn also have value and should be treated in the manner.

The facts are that many professional African Americans graduate from Historical Black Institutions of higher learning.
Saving Paul Quinn College is a win for all of Dallas.

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