Friday, July 3, 2009

DISD School Named for Adelpha Callejo

Lew Blackburn's vote for Adelpha Callejo was to get the votes against the naming of a school in Carla Ranger's district for John Hope Franklin. If you had attended the board meeting, you would have seen who was speaking for Lew Blackburn about the name of a school in the old Wilmer Hutchins School Distrit. It was Jerome Garza, Nancy Bingham, Edwin Flores and Jack Lowe, all of the slam dunk five except Ellis and she voted with them. It was obvious that a deal was cut before the meeting on how the voting would be.

Lew Blackburn was one of the trustees who was most vocal at the briefing about naming a school for Adelpha. God help us and pleace help the African American children that will enter that school. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!

It is time to consider breaking up this district into smaller and more manageable districts. Each board meeting is a disaster. We need change now!!!

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