Wednesday, October 1, 2008

District Attorney Craig Watkins

On Sunday at our church, St. Luke "Community" United Methodist Church, DA Craig Watkins was the speaker. Forgive me, I mean preacher for the day. He talked about how this was his first time in the pulpit and thanked Rev. Tyrone Gordon for allowing him to be there.

I am most favorably struck by the fact that this District Attorney is under a great deal of pressure because of his willingness to exonerate inmates that have been falsely accused, and he continues to march on. He, along with the Innocence Project have worked hard through DNA evidence to right the wrongs of this criminal justice system. I can not imagine being imprisoned for 20 to 30 years wrongfully and come our with the good attitude that these people have shown. Most are not bitter, but are grateful that they were finally heard and that someone was willing to do the right thing about their cases.

I personally thanked District Attorney Watkins for his good work in this area, and if you see him do the same, because I believe there are those people who wish that he would just forget about
this project. He knows that his job is to convict the criminals, and we all want him to do that, but he also knows that this system has not always been fair and no matter what great strides he makes in this area, there are some people who are possibly in the criminal justice system who did not commit the crime that they are there for.



Shawn Williams said...

Craig Watkins has done an excellent job, and what goes underreported is how he and his office are not only exhonorating accused men who need to be exhonorated, but convicting criminals who need to be convicted. I give DA Watkins much respect in his endeavors and his efforts.

Joyce Foreman said...


We agree on both points.