Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dallas Housing Authority

A few months ago Mayor Leppert was rushing to the DHA meetings to give Ann Lott a warning about her length of employment. Now we see that a search is going on for a new Executive Director and Mayor Leppert has not changed the board appointments that were up in March. If the Mayor was going to keep them around, why would he not just reappoint them?

What was most interesting in the James Ragland's article was him mentioning the sell of Little Mexico and how Ms. Lott was against selling that property. Mr. Ragland article states " Now, with Ms. Culbreath in the saddle and Ms. Lott out of the way, the agency is instituting new financial controls. It's also more willing than ever to put all options on he table, including the potential sale of Little Mexico Village. " This board wants to leverage that property and will maximize its value," Ms Culbreath said in a recent post to her online blog." it seems as though that is just what Tom Leppert and the Citizens Council want to hear. Ann Lott stood up to the developers knowing the historical significance of Little Mexico to all of us, but especially to our Hispanic brothers and sisters.

We are all familiar with Ms. Betty Culbreath and her willingness to do the bidding for others. Her record speaks for itself. Review her service on the Planning Commission, DFW Airport and DHA. These were all appointments by Mayor Laura Miller who was Ms. Culbreath's close friend and ally.

In my opinion Mayor Tom Lepperts has pulled many stunts since he has been in office, and they were not in the best interest of the citizens of Dallas. He supported a Ross Perot employee for the DART Board,pushed the for the Trinity Toll Road,pushed for Lynn Flint Shaw to Chair the DART Board, forced Ann Lott out of her job, did not appoint Angela Hunt to chair a committee, supported taking Mike Sorrell off the DFW Airport Board, supported Dwaine (Dwayne,Dewayne) Caraway for Deputy Mayor Pro Tem, supports Michael Hinojosa (DISD Superintendent), supports another layer of government for the Inland Port, supports a taxpayer owned hotel, and supported the DISD Bond Proposal. That is only a few of his positions on issues that makes you go, WHAT?

This current leadership in Dallas is all about construction and contract dollars. Look around the edges and see where all of these people are sniffing. It's the same small pack of people who are pushing these items and they are making out like bandits at the expense of the people.

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