Saturday, May 31, 2008

Victor Morgan

Today is a great day for me and my family. One of the loves of our lives-my nephew Victor (the tall handsome young man on the left)-graduated from High School today with a bright future at Clark Atlanta.

My family has always worked as a unit to raise the children. We consider ourselves a village and using that philosophy, we support and nurture the entire group of nieces, nephews and cousins. We insist that they be respectful, well mannered and good citizens , and there is no sagging of clothes allowed in our family. Victor has been blessed to have parents who have kept him on the right path of life and now they can hold their heads high with great pride and dignity for this wonderful young man.

When some people talk about the young people stepping in, I will take a young man like Victor any day of the week compared to some of these people who want to lead.
You first have to have some idea of what respect, honesty, dignity and humility are before you can lead, and I think through Victors young life he has been able to understand and adhere to the challenges that will make him a person to be respected.

Aunt Joyce Loves you and will continue to watch you spread your wings at Clark Atlanta.

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