Tuesday, May 13, 2008


What a shame so many registered voters did not turn out to vote on Saturday. Only approximately 4 percent of registered voters within the DISD's boundaries came out to vote on the bond. The vote was 10,178 to 8693 a difference of 1485 votes. I've been told that the pro bond organization spent $600,000 and that they had no organized opposition. Most of the contributions came from the business community who stands to benefit the most. That should tell the voters something.

Now everyone is talking about accountability and how we need to hold them accountable and DISD must rebuild the public trust. Simply put, if you tell a child that they can not go out to play unless they do their homework and the child keeps badgering you and you finally give in to his wants without him completing his homework, what makes you think the child will be in the mood to do homework when he returns from play? He has gotten his way,so he can make another excuse to get out of what he did not want to do in the first place. It just does not make common sense to say now that you have 1.5 billion you had better straighten up your act. Foolish thought and assumption.

Sometimes I think that voters just give up and do not understand the impact of such elections, and those who want to make money always say that it is "FOR THE CHILDREN," as if those who are asking for accountability are not for the children. We all are for the children but some of us can see that it is always about the money.

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