Friday, October 30, 2009

DISD- District 9 Seat

If Sally Cain is so interested in the children of DISD, where has she been all these years that we have been trying to insure that all children are educated? I am not sure that she has attend a board meeting or board briefing?

She is probably a nice lady but when the Dallas Citizens Council,Jack Lowe and Jerome Garza put their stamps of approval on her,that makes me think that she will be part of the "SLAM DUNK" at DISD. If she had been aware of what was going on at DISD she would have known that.

Jerome Garza IS NOT trustworthy. Garza has undermined the black trustees since he has been on the board. He did not only try to get someone to run against Ranger,he took a school out of her district without her knowledge (Molena) when Wilmer Hutchins became part of DISD and please do not forget that he was also instrumental in leading the board to gut the funding for Learning Center,pushed for more BiLingual (Spanish) programs that exceed the State mandate (more jobs),and he was the mastermind behind getting a school named for (hateful towards blacks) Adelpha Callejo. Garza should be asked if he believe that he represent all races of children or only Hispanics? We who follow the politics of DISD know the answer. That is why you now have black flight just as you had white flight. Look at the demographics in school districts like Lancaster, DeSoto, Cedar Hill and Duncanville most are majority blacks.

It is unfortunate that Garza and Flores believe that because the majority of students in DISD are Hispanic that the others do not matter. The politics of inclusion should be taught to these board members. All children are important and should be educated. I do believe that Adam Medrano gets it and I appreciate him being the board president because under Jack Lowe's leadership it was "My Way Or The Highway".

Hang in there Carla Ranger.

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