Monday, September 7, 2009

Response to Dallas.Org-Allen Gwinn


I know Bea Martinez and I am not a member of LULAC, but I believe that she is honest and a hard worker. I can not believe that you would stoop so low. Did you check to see if it was a conflict for Rene to work for DISD and for his wife to run for school board? I think that is where you should start. If it is a conflict, tell all of us so that we will know.

Please tell us what you know about Bea Martinez and why she (not her husband) should not be running for this office. Since you are in District 3 have you had a conversation with her before today regarding DISD? Does she have knowledge of the issues concerning DISD? Is she compassionate about children? Has she served on any boards that would give her insight to a billion dollar budget and how to manage it? Can she represent the total community? Does she understand working with employees that report directly to the board?

If you think that Leigh Ann Ellis is not part of the "Slam Dunk" you are dreaming. She has voted along with Flores, Garza, Lowe and Bingham on most of the bad decisions that have been made on this board. She voted for the budgets, she voted for the RIF, she voted against the Learning Centers, she is one of the five (5) that they count on to keep Hinojosa, she voted for the DUMB new ethics policy that allows board members to do business with DISD, she voted to ILLEGALLY EXTEND HER TERM IN OFFICE, etc. Please tell me when Leigh Ann Ellis has taken a strong position on any issue opposing the administration.

Everyone on the board needs to go except Adam and Carla. Go after the candidate’s qualifications not her family.

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