Saturday, December 20, 2008

DISD- Carla Ranger

The board meeting on Thursday night was interesting. It was amazing to watch Chairman Jack Lowe attempt to keep Trustee Ranger from making a point of order. She simply wanted to explain for the record why she was not voting on the consent agenda, but President Lowe did not want her speaking and it looks like President Lowe, the parliamentarian and the lawyer have all decided that they would not allow Mrs Ranger to express herself by trying to contain her comments. When Mrs Ranger tries to speak, President Lowe calls on the parliamentarian or the lawyer to rule in his favor.

Tonight was good. Mrs. Ranger appealed the ruling of the President to the entire board and got a second from Trustee Adam Medrano (Thank You Adam) and won the vote. I just can not understand why you would attempt to tie the hands of a fellow trustee. When Mrs Rangers hands are tied you are locking out her constituents and certainly they are taxpayers also and elected Mrs. Ranger to be our voice.


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