Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Hit Dog Will Holler

My mother, rest her sole, always said "A hit dog will holler", and it looks like a lot of hollering is going on. My position has not changed about Dwaine (Dewayne, Dwayne) Caraway and Betty Culbreath.

There are two people that have openly disagreed with me and they are Sharon Boyd and Michael Davis. Michael Davis is a person who lives in District 8 and is appointed to the Dallas City Plan Commission by Dwaine Caraway to represent District 4. I think Michael is a bitter guy who is trying to make his way in politics in Black Dallas. Check him out, he is always defending Dwayne as if his life depends on making sure that anyone who says something negative about Dwaine will get his raft. Who cares about his raft?

Sharon Boyd's opinion is hers, and I hope she remembers how she has maligned many African Americans in the past few years, including Dwaine(Dewayne,Dwayne) Caraway. I do not agree with all of her assessments, but I never commented. Some of the people that she has spoken negative about are my friends and mentors, but sometimes its better to leave things alone. I live in the black community, I have worked on community issues since the late 1960's and I know that I have a better feel than Sharon for what is going on in the black community. I believe that Sharon Boyd's opinion about what is going on in Black Dallas has no relevance in my community.

There is not just one opinion in the Black community, therefore everyone is not going to agree with me, but "I say what I mean and mean what I say".

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Marian Hubbard Jefferson, MA said...

As this is America, I am not exactly sure what's with the attempt to stifle first ammendment rights. There are many issues faced by black Dallas that many in our community feel have been pushed aside or worse yet forgotten; like the way the City is handling the overt racism and unbelievable oppressive behavior faced by many of its employees for merely being people of upstanding character. I wonder why Mr. Caraway has not spoken to the pain and suffering of these individuals; people like Clement Bernard, Mr. Guthrie, Ms. Beverly Davis and others who have to resort to law suits against the City just to be treated as human beings. I don't remember seeing Mr. Caraway at any community meeting addressing their concerns and it is particularly concerning because these things are happening at a place where is an administrator, its happening in his own backyard, its happening to blacks and Hispanics. It happened twenty years ago. It happened last year and its still happening today.